Christ Treasured Orphanage

Please let me introduce to you Christ Treasured Orphanage located in Bako-Gwagwalada on the outskirts of Abuja. A friend who works with a local NGO here in Abuja took me to the orphanage (which houses about 50-70 kids aged between 1 and 18) for the first time 2 months ago. I had wanted to donate some children clothing.

On getting there, it soon dawned on me that clothing was the last problem the kids had. Their living condition was appalling. Apart from the facility being a bit too small for the population, the general environment is run down and unhygienic. The Little playground is sand filled (with tiny sand flies feasting on the kids), the 10 rooms and small praying chapel, which also double as their accommodation, are equipped with broken-down metal doors and windows with no protective nets, the roofs are caving in and leaky when it rains. There are no more than 3 functioning ceiling fans in the entire facility, the kids share dirty looking mattresses without bed sheets, mattresses are placed on bare cemented floor which is slowly chipping away…exposing kids to insects & bugs from the foundation. No beds or any decent looking covering blankets either. My educated guess is that the proprietor of the facility started out with good intentions a few years ago but couldn’t cope with financial demands of running a home like this.

Needless to say that the kids suffer from common but life threatening illnesses like malaria, typhoid, cold and only God knows what else. During my second visit last weekend I and a friend donated food and drugs. However we realized too that without improving these kids living condition we are just treating symptoms not the disease itself. There’s this precious little girl called Peculiar whose story touched me. She lost her mother at birth with no father in sight; she was brought to the orphanage where she has slowly emancipated. She’s a year and few months old but weighs about 8-10kg, can’t walk or talk much. She’s HIV negative according to her caregivers but no clue as to why she’s losing weight. A doctor friend of mine and I are trying to get her some specialist Pediatrician to have her checked out.

Based on the above, I sought to raise a renovation fund for the Orphanage with an initial target of N2 million.
Many of you heeded the call and responded most generously

It is with great pleasure to share with you today the progress made so far in the project. To date, the RW contributions, which made up 80% of the total, have helped in transforming an appalling living condition to what promises to be a decent home for the kids. At first, due partly to my inexperience in building projects, I underestimated the total costs required to bring the job to a logical conclusion. We raised a little more than N2million (which I had originally solicited for) but it turned that the quotes received from the artisans more than doubled that. So, I had no choice than to phase out the project into two, with the hope that the other phase can come much later when we have the funding.

For phase 1, we’ve almost completed the work on masonry, Plumbing, welding, netting, lighting, carpentry and soon painting will be started. These, my friends, would go a long way in protecting the kids from harsh environmental elements like mosquitoes and giving them a more hygienic living condition…the must have’s in my opinion. For phase 2, once we have the funding for this, will help tile the floors, procure double bunk beds, mattresses, bed sheets, etc.

I have attached some old pics of the orphanage and new work-in-progress. And for those interested, I’m also attaching the spreadsheet of expenses incurred to date and the outstanding work.

Both proprietor of the facility Rev. Abraham, the caregivers and the kids are excited about their new home and are always sending prayers to you guys.

God bless you all. RWR!!!