Dubai Marathon, 2019

Wow! Who am I that You are mindful of me? When I set out to run a sub 5 race last year October, I was worried that I had set a hard goal. My target – 4.58. That was all I wanted. I reached out to AKT and he graciously drew up a 4.58 plan for me. I missed a couple of weeks – 1 week compulsory rest for a calf strain, 1st of Jan I was admitted in Lagoon hospital for malaria++ and a nasty flu, travelled extensively for work in November. But in all, I held on to the Spirit that quickens my mortal body.

I can’t say thank you enough to God. Thank you to Solape, whose unwavering support from inception until the very last day was just out of this world. JF, for the hard talks and strategy and always keeping me focused. AKT baba, thank you for a great plan. And to everyone else who supported me on this journey, Gbenga, Springa, Nkem; I can’t say thank you enough to everyone – the entire Road Warrior family. From a Berlin finish of 5.27.55, I can now claim a sub 5 at 4.35.39.


Written by…

Anne “Pinkie” Chinweze